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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 13, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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[ crickets chirping ]
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>> , not the latest from the day the petraeus scandal we will be right back. coming up, the latest from david petraeus
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>> good morning, 5:29. we are looking at downtown san francisco from a van ness. you cannot see much from this shot but will check with erica. >> good morning, darya. it is a few degrees warmer than just 24 hours ago. there are no issues of the visibility.
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and from the james lick and downtown san francisco is would take a look of the numbers 51 degrees with 40's in the san jose, oakland. chilly in concord just 39 degrees and as we go towards this afternoon warmer compared to yesterday's. tomorrow will be the warmest of the week. mid-60s with 70's for some of the south relocations and looking ahead we do have the potential for what weather going into friday with heavier weather with-wet weather. impending storms your kron 4 7 day around the bay, george? >> thank you, erica we continue to monitor the decent drive to the san mateo bridge. is a smooth commute and a quick commute check showing that things are looking good. the problem that occurred
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earlier on the 580 westbound is just before the 205 interchange. it has taken a lot of the pressure off of the 580 coming through the livermore interchange. >> thank you, george. the california of trustees are meeting for possible new rates for students. will tran is live at a san francisco state university. how do they plan on doing this? >> the want to light a fire to say that we have to get going because there are students out there waiting to take a particular class. right to know, there are students that are not correct to wedding so there is a gridlock and they want people to get out and get going on with their lives. take a look. this is what they're going to be talking about. if you are a senior and you have enough credits
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to graduate is going to cost to some monday. if you are repeating a course i did that a couple of times. perhaps to improve your great you can take it over again but it will also cost you some money above and beyond the normal cost of the class. and according to the trusties if you were taking above and beyond the full load. that will also cost you. ultimately, 71000 students impacted. that could generate $30,000 in year. the administrators are calling the city the however the students are seeing this as a falling. >> unfortunately i did wait. the students are seeing this as a --fine,, and i had to wait. but it seems like your
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just caught in the middle. >> correct. >> right now it is quiet at the campus of the protesters are expected to arrive. they all receive tuition increases and now another fee on the they cannot afford. we will have to wait and see. according to some of the students they could arrive later. and also this is not fair because you are forcing students to make a decision if they do not want to declare their major. but with the extra fees perhaps to clearing a major and know if you want to change something? and will tran, what was your course on the what you had to take? for >> i had to take math three times. and if you think that i would be a whiz at math.
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>> after that, they would charge you, thank you, will tran. national news, the scandal with c i eight director david petraeus. this second high-ranking officials general john allen is the post commander in afghanistan and now is under afghanistan with corporate egos with a woman that has been linked to david petraeus. jill kelly sparked the investigation into the relationship between petraeus and the biographer, paula broaewell.. dianne feinstein would like to find out more. there will meet later today.
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>> i do not believe based on my discussions knowing him that there was any crossover between personal life that he was having with paula. and his director as the cia. >> he resigned and his affair came to light of jealousy mills 5% by a broad well saying " stay away from my man the " which sparked the controversy.
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now, to the physical clef. president obama will meet with labor leaders who want lawmakers to raise taxes on the wealthy and prevent cuts to help the benefits for seniors. all in an effort to put pressure on congress to cut the federal debt. he is seeing a series of meetings in a pushing congress to avert the " so- called " fiscal cliff " and find a consensus on a plan to prevent more financial hardships. labor unions want you ifull, to stand firm >> the race for san francisco's district 7 supervisor's seat remains
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historically close this morning. the new board of education president norman yee holds a 33 vote lead over f x crowley. there are only 89 votes counted yesterday and 1400 remain outside in the race. but apart from the elections say it may be the first week of december before it determined who will win. we will be back. good morning! wow.
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me show you is pretty dramatic. and what we do know and what little information we do have is a run for:a 30 and we have a phone call that there was a water main break at 4:30-- and from these cards they are inundated with water & mud. these cars. and what we believe is that there could be a water treatment storage facility that could be also impacted hillside park. obviously, it is still a developing story and there was some evacuation's ordered. and a lot of cars inundated as soon as we get more information we will pass it along. right now, we will perhaps have more informations in the next 10- 15 minutes. if those facts to rations are still in place >> pretty impressive as
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video if those-evacuation's are still in place. live in daly city. 5:41 or in just a moment. more coming up ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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>> good morning 5:44. the top stories we're following this hour that daly city fire and police are on the scene at a floating scene from the water tank. this is in the hillside park area of daly city. evacuation's are in progress. they are working to cap that leak. >> also seniors at csu could be impacted for if not enough credits to graduate but more fees for the
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s class is for them to graduate. and the latest on the day of the petraeus scandal is that there were e-mails exchanged between allen and jill kelly. she is the woman whom petraeus had an affair. >> there could be a total eclipse today. thousands of tourists since amateurs are going to australia which is where the best possible place will be it will cast a 100 mi. shalshall. that will help but at 12:30 of last over two minutes. -- expect to happen at 12:the 30's. we cae golden gate bridge at they are both cold but not quite
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as cold this yesterday. >> that is corrected is a few degrees warmer than the yesterday some locations in the north they were hovering right around that freezing mark. we do have 30's out the door right now and temperatures will continue to slide as we approach sunrise. the clear conditions at downtown san francisco. fairfield, 34. and still talking 30's in santa rosa. 40's in napa. as reticulated those temperatures will go for this afternoon the high- pressure will start to sneak and. 70's for possible portions of the south bay. '70s expected in cupertino. and a few degrees warmer in milpitas and fairfield, mostly sunny conditions and
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towards the north bay mid- 60s for downtown san francisco in the 62 wendy lee city. the satellite and radar showing somewhat weather-with daly city-62. i have been looking at some of the extended forecast models of which you have some major changes to talk about with cloudy conditions. most of these forecast models project rainfall. we could see scattered showers along the coast. residual showers as we go towards saturday. the bigger system is the gulf of alaska and heavy widespread rainfall. and temperatures will remain in the 60s. this is something we will continue to monitor. traffic, george. >> we are looking at traffic on highway no. for the westbound direction. in
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antioch a multi-car on highway no. 4 in the sommersville road. it is usually get to hear any way but the reports is that the left lane is blocked. and interstate 580 from patterson. it is east bound is for the accident occurred but it is in jamming of the drive from the interstate number five. it turns out there was a medical helicopter that this land oland that. it is taking a lot of pressure off of the commute. you are going to have a much easier than normal drive on the 580. the bridges are still looking good. if no backups or delays in their problem- free. for the ride off
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to/from the marin county we can see light traffic without any delays. >> the holiday season the some airlines are in force to review policies who cannot fit in a standard airline seat. airlines like american, require overweight passengers to purchase an extra seat in thicken not buckl if they cannot-buckle. delta does not require an additional seat purchase but it is able to ask them to board a different flight. all of these rules are on a case by case basis. southwest, customers to encroach on their neighbors to seek should buy an
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additional ticket but if the flight is that over but the passenger is refunded. also, jeremy affeldt is coming back. to the giants. reportedly has agreed to a three year, $80 million contract. he is expected to undergo a physical as the final step for completing his contract. and if you remember his strange injuries he sprained his knee when his 4 year-old son jumped on him and last year he nearly sliced open his artery separating frozen hamburgers with a knife. >> also, trout is the
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american unanimous connection with batting 320 of the 20 year-old, harper is the second youngest to win the national rookie award. >> thank you. and there's trouble for twinkies. hostess' france is permanently closing three bakeries following a nationwide strike by its bakers' union. more than 600 people are out of work the company says the strike has prevented her from producing and delivering products. thousands of employes have been protesting wage and benefit cuts. >> just how much this luxury apartments sold for in hong kong. traffic is light and clear out there just chilly
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we will be back.
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luxury apartment in hong kong was sold for nearly $60 million. the apartment has 6600 square feet on the ninth floor. >> $1 million for every 1,000 ft.. the $58.7 million peaked is the most ever paid for an apartment in the southern chinese financial center. the surge in hong kong's property price with all-pro low interest rates and the influx of wellfleet mainland chinese buyers. it
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looks like we will have some chance of showers and rainfall for the weekend. and for the beginning of next week details with that, coming up. and a past 6:00 a.m. a live look at the water main break in daly city. and the motor trend has announced its car of the year. more details and cooler temperatures continued this morning. we will have a check of your tuesday forecast as we continue.
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